cuntchitaa: Did you have to camp out at all or wait in line for a long time? Lol I have the LMZ package and want to be in the front :) 

We just had general admin and we only waited for about 4 hours before the show! Honestly I don’t know if it’s necessary to wait especially if you’ll be out in the heat because that was awful!! Not exactly sure what all the package includes but I don’t know if you have to wait really! Also I’d stand around the gypsy piano or by the runway to the right of the stage! Best spots in my opinion!

cuntchitaa: I have a artRAVE question if you wouldn't mind answering? 

No not at all! What’s your question??

"I would go back to my apartment everyday and I would just sit there and I… it was quiet, and it was lonely and it was still. There was just my piano, and myself and I used to… I had a television and I would leave it on all the time, just to feel like someone was hanging out with me."
- Gaga talks about depression and loneliness (via work-it-black-jesus)

(via ratchet-venus)